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Why Is Periodic Tire Rotation Important for your Vehicle?


Tires are among the most important parts of your car simply because they are the only parts that come in contact with the road. Many vehicle owners ignore the simple details of preventative maintenance of their vehicles which later may become an expensive cost to them. Tire repair and service is highly recommended by automobile experts and manufacturers. But why is periodic tire rotation so important? Here's why;

  • Evens out tread wear

For front-wheel drive vehicles, the front tires wear out faster than in the rear. This is because they perform different tasks from rear tires. Rotating tires periodically helps the tread to wear more evenly by changing tires from a high-wearing position to a low-wearing position.

  • Keeps tire warranties valid

Most tire manufacturers offer warranties which may include free rotation services at specified periods of time or mileage.

  • Maintains handling balance

By rotating tires, the tread will be more evenly spread out, helping maintain traction on slick road surfaces, which is very crucial for braking. This can save you unplanned incidents like accidents roads slick from rain, ice, and snow.

  • Saves drivers money

Periodic tire rotation helps save drivers money by extending the lifespan of the tires on their vehicles. Remember that is wise to replace all four tires at one time, rather than one at a time, for optimum handling and driving safety.

Why is Periodic Tire Rotation Important?

Most manufacturers recommend rotating your car tires after a few thousand miles (mostly 5,000 miles). This can vary depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the tire. Take your time and maintain your car tires and you won't keep asking why is periodic tire rotation important.

For an answer to the question, "Why is periodic tire rotation important?" contact our ASE Certified technicians at Kestner Automotive today for more information about tire repair and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves residents in Lexington, SC, and the surrounding area.

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