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Got A Cracked Radiator?

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Is your radiator cracked or broken? If so, that's an exceptionally bad problem as it needs the mixture of water and coolant to keep the motor cool! You need to go see a certified mechanic for radiator repair pronto! Don't believe me? Here are 3 HUGE reasons you should not ever be driving around with a cracked radiator, or any other leak in your coolant system for that matter.

1. Risk of Overheating

Of all the things that can happen to a car, either by chance or through neglect, one of the worst possible events is overheating. This is when the engine gets so hot it reaches a point where it cannot even function properly (or at all) until it cools down again. Your engine is primarily made up of metals, rubbers, and plastics that all bend, expand, warp and break when temperatures reach extreme levels.
When overheating occurs, you risk even greater complications that can put you out of a vehicle. Unless you can afford to immediately buy a new one, or have thousands of dollars for a coolant system overhaul and it's resulting complications--then you need to take your car or truck in for an immediate radiator replacement.

2. Pollution & Poison

Aside from complications that directly affect your wallet and personal life, there are also two serious problems that arise when you drive around with a cracked radiator. Namely, radiator coolant is a serious environmental pollutant AND it's extremely toxic to pets who are exceptionally attracted to its sickly sweet smell. Even just a small pool of radiator fluid can be enough to send Fluffy or Rover into the animal emergency room (or worse). Don't risk this happening to you, your pets, your neighbor's pets. The cost of a radiator replacement costs so much less than an innocent life.

3. Further Complications

Remember those further complications I mentioned? Let's talk about those for a second. There is a common set of complications that tends to go along with overheating that results from neglected radiator repair. Outside of having to resolve deeper coolant system problems (like a bad heater core), you could also cause the engine block to crack, the starter to quit, the alternator to give out, and your battery to die. Want a few more? Your head gasket (a spendy repair) can easily go out from the expansion and contraction of the engine, as can the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and fuel pump. Just thinking about the costs of the repairs in this partial list of complications is enough to send anyone running in to see their mechanic for radiator repair, as it should.

Have questions about a pending radiator replacement? Contact our ASE Certified technicians at Kestner Automotive today for more information about radiator repair and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves residents in Lexington, SC, and the surrounding area

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