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Ask Your Mechanic: “Why is Tire Balancing Necessary?”

tire repair

To help your vehicle drive in the safest and best condition possible, we want to make sure you understand why regular tire service is so important. Many drivers know that wheel alignment is crucial, but they may be wondering, “Why is tire balancing necessary?' Tire balancing is a simple and relatively inexpensive tire service that will keep you driving safely.

Experiencing these steering problems?

  • You will have trouble keeping your vehicle from swerving from side to side while driving on a straight road,
  • You will feel every little rock and bump on the road,
  • The steering wheel will vibrate uncomfortably,
  • The steering wheel will feel loose so it doesn't really feel safe.

You may be wondering, what does it mean when a tire goes out of balance? Imperfections, blemishes in the rubber, and damage to a tire or rim can throw it "out of balance,' meaning that one section of the tire or rim is heavier than in other spots. If you continue to drive your vehicle with unbalanced tires (especially at the higher speed limits), you not only will start to experience the problems listed above, you will be allowing damage to occur to your tires, your suspension system, and the steering system.

Interested in knowing how a tire is balanced? One wheel at a time is removed from the car and placed on a computerized machine which spins it around to determine which side is the heaviest. A small lead weight is then attached to the rim at a point to counter-balance any heavy spots. Once the weight is the same on all sides of the wheel, the wheel will spin easily on the machine.

Some drivers are not sure if their vehicle needs balancing or a wheel alignment service as many of the signs are similar. Your tire repair technician can determine what is needed and take care of it quickly and easily. Just remember that any time the tires are removed from your vehicle, either for a repair or rotation, be sure to have them balanced.

Need to know more about why is tire balancing necessary? Contact our ASE Certified technicians at Kestner Automotive today for more information about wheel alignment and tire service and to schedule an appointment. Our auto shop proudly serves residents in Lexington, SC, and the surrounding area.

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